Lisbon Eco Marathon - Rules





The present regulation establishes the rights, obligations and responsibilities of all parties involved in the preparation, Organization, participation and implementation of the Sports Competition.







 The sports competition Lisbon Eco Marathon (henceforth referred to as “Race”) is organized by the following entities:

Clube Desportivo e Recreativo Chronos
, legal subject number 514798998, registered at Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa, with its head office at AV. Engº Duarte Pacheco nr 19 – 6º Dto, in Lisbon,

In cooperation with the following entities:

Stream Plan, LDA
., legal subject and with registration number 513381619, registered at Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa, with its head office at Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, n.º 19, 6.º Dto, in Lisbon,

The entities mentioned above organize the Race that is contested exclusively and mandatorily by the participants that are duly registered and accepted, and in the terms presented in these Rules.

Henceforth referred to as “Organization”.




Participation is open to all interested parties, regardless of nationality or gender, as long as they are properly registered in accordance with these rules.

Minimum age of participation for the distances of 42 km and 21 km: participants who have turned 18 by the date of the event.

Minimum age of participation for distances of 12 km: participants who have turned 14 by the date of the event.

Maximum age for participation: Up to 75 on the date of the event.

Participants that are minors must show and hand to the Organization on the day of picking up the kit, a declaration of responsibility from the person with parental responsibility.

There is no minimum age for participation in the Walk; children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and on the day of picking up the kit they will have to present a declaration written and signed by the person with parental responsibility, authorizing their participation.

The Organization’s responsibility in terms of insurance will be over the moment the event’s official timekeeping is ended. (See point “4 Insurance” in these rules).

Participating with auxiliary means of locomotion will not be allowed, namely bicycle, skateboard, wheelchair, with animals or prams.

It is also prohibited to accompany participants on the course with any type of vehicle, whether motorized or not.

At registration, participants, or their legal tutors or the person with parental responsibility declare, under their responsibility, that they meet the necessary health conditions to participate in the event and that they will abstain from participation if such conditions change.

The participants must possess the necessary health condition for physical activity. At registration, the participants accept that they feel physically and psychologically prepared for the inherent effort required by the sports event they will be taking part in, and thus the Organization cannot be held accountable for any accidents, incidents, illnesses and other situations that may occur before, during and after the participation in the sports competition.

The participants/athletes that fulfill the conditions presented in these Rules may take part in the Race.




Registrations are made exclusively through the race’s official site:

Only registrations made through the aforementioned site, on the following dates and after payment of the due fee (as seen on the table below), will be accepted:
















35 €

40 €

 45 €

50 €

100 €



15 €

18 €

21 €

25 €

50 €



8 €

10 €

12 €

15 €

25 €

8 KM (aprox)


 5 €

 7 €

8 €

12 €

15 €


Registrations will be accepted at the secretariat on 20 April. These registrations will be subject to a surcharge of 20€ on the above prices for the last phase, subject to available places.

* Free registration for children up to the age of 8.


PREMIUM REGISTRATION - For an additional €19,00 and only until April 2nd, 2021

For an additional fee of 25,00€ and only until February 29nd 2024, the athletes have the possibility of selecting the "Premium" option, which will entitle them to the following services:

- Race bibs sent by courier (for this to happen, an address must be provided, where the parcel may be delivered in person);

- Lunch;                     

- VIP Massage.

   Registrations are opened and will be closed on the dates that, for each edition, are presented on the site that should be consulted.



The Lisbon Eco Marathon will take place on Sunday, 21st April 2024.

The start and finish will be at Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira, Parque Eduardo VII.



10:00 | Opening of the Race office.

Tent identified for this purpose, placed next to the National Flag, in Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira (Alto do Parque Eduardo VII)

19:00 | Closing of the Registration office.


SUNDAY, APRIL 21st, 2024

07:00 | Opening of the Reace office.

07:45 | 42km Marathon box opening

08:30 | Departure Marathon 42km

08:45 | 21km Half Marathon box opening

09:30 | Departure Half Marathon 21km

09:45 | 12km Mini Marathon box opening

10:00 | Departure Mini Marathon 12km

10:05 | 8km Walk box opening

10:15 | Departure 8km Walk

12:30 | Podium Ceremony (estimated time)

14:30 | Finish Line Closure




The Lisbon Eco Marathon is an event that includes four single-stage distances, which will last a maximum of 6 hours, so considering the starting time of the 42km Marathon distance, the finish line will end at 2:30pm. After this hour, car traffic will be re-established along the entire route.


The hour barrier is calculated to allow participants to reach the finish line within the imposed time limit, already accounting for possible stops [rest, supplies, etc.].


For reasons of force majeure [weather and/or security], the organization reserves the right to change the time limit.




 The athlete's participation kit consists of a technical jersey allusive to the race, the bib number on “tyvek” paper, with a non-detachable chip, and a tag for a cloakroom.

These are the sizes available for the technical t-shirt: XS, S, M, L and XL. Sizes will be allocated according to the requests made at registration.

The participation kits will be picked up during April 20th, between 10am and 7pm, in a tent identified for that purpose, placed near the National Flag, at Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira (Alto do Parque Eduardo VII). There will be no delivery of participation kits outside the date stipulated for the effect.


 5.1. Placing bib number / chip

The use of the official race bib number and chip is compulsory for all participants.

The bib number must be permanently visible throughout the race, that is, it must be positioned over the clothes, in the chest area, abdomen or on the front of the thigh, and cannot, for any reason, be attached to the back.

The bib number and the chip are codified for each participant, and their use is personal and non-transferable. 

The sponsors name and any possible logo cannot be modified or hidden.


Only participants with a visible bib number will have access to the control/supply stations.


The Organization is not responsible for any results that may be missing due to negligent handling, bad placement and/or deterioration of the chip.

The baggage tag must be placed on the bag/backpack in a way that it is easily visible.



The standard participation kit includes the participation in Walk, a t shirt alluding to the event and will have a bracelet that gives access to the cloakroom.

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL and XXL.

The participation kits will be picked up during the day April 20, between 10am and 7pm, in a tent identified for that purpose, placed near the National Flag, at Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira (Alto do Parque Eduardo VII). There will be no delivery of participation kits outside the date stipulated for the effect.




Pack 1: From 10 to 20 registrations


 - Personalized shirt (with company image and athlete's name printed on the back).

 - 2 accesses per participant to the final lunch.

- Sports Massage after the race.

- Space dedicated to the team with a tent of 9 m2.


Pack 2: From 20 to 40 registrations


- Personalized shirt (with company image and athlete's name printed on the back).

- 2 accesses per participant to the final lunch.

- Sports Massage after the race.

- Space dedicated to the team with a tent of 9m2.

- Concierge service with a person from the organization dedicated to the company's guests, from their arrival until the end of the event.


Pack 3 – Customized

If there is any request for a customized pack, we will be happy to analyze the proposal and execute it, if feasible.

The prices per registration / participant are as described below:









42 KM

75 €

85 €

21 KM

65 €

75 €

12 KM

55 €

65 €


For questions and subscriptions to the Corporate packs, send an email to:



 The Organization suggests the use of the equipment that has been approved for the current edition of the Race, according to these Rules.

The organization approves for the Event, a standard equipment model with the official sponsors, commercial partners and competition suppliers, which will be collected by the participants during April 20th, between 10am and 7pm, in a tent identified for the effect, placed near the National Flag at Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira (Alto do Parque Eduardo VII).



 The organization provides medical support to all participating athletes, with ambulances available in the premises along the route and at the start / finish.

 If ensuing medical care is necessary, this will be provided at the public health services, under their responsibility.

The organization, in cooperation with police entities, will condition traffic during the race. However, it cannot be held accountable for any accidents or damages incurred among participants or caused by third parties to participants.



 The participants will commit to, under word of honor, respect the following rules they declare to know, accept and respect:

  1. Respect the technical rules of the Race;
  2. Respect the general rules of the Race and of the Organization;
  • Respect the rules and recommendation from the Organization;
  1. Respect the schedules and particular prescriptions of each race, foreseen by each race’s organizer;
  2. Respect the good use of their equipment;
  3. Respect the representatives of the organization;
  • Respect the sporting spirit during the Race and that of their opponents.

 All Participants must be committed to having exemplary public behavior, during the Race, which cannot, in any way, jeopardize the good name and reputation of the organization and its partners, sponsors and other participants.



Doping is forbidden from all sports participants within and outside the Race.

Each participant has the duty of ensuring that they do not introduce, or that it is not introduced, any forbidden substance, or that they do not use any forbidden method.

The participants are personably accountable for any forbidden substance or its metabolites or markers found in their organic samples, as well as the use of any forbidden method.



 The organization will not allow participation/disqualify from the race any Participant that has any of the following behaviors:

  1. Forge any element in their registration;
  2. Is not present at the start, at the required time and place;
  3. Does not respect instructions from the organization;
  4. Does not meet the required physical and psychological conditions to participate;
  5. Does not have a bib number;
  6. Does not have the bib number, well visible, in the front of their t-shirt, in the places specified by the organization;
  7. Wears another athlete’s bib number;
  8. Folds or manipulates the ads on the bib number;
  9. Uses the provided bib number in a wrongful manner;
  10. Does not follow the signage placed by the Organization and jumps the railing to the start;
  11. Does not cover the established course in its entirety;
  12. Shows clearly unsportsmanlike behavior (for example: pushing or impeding other athletes in order to intentionally hinder their progression)
  13. Doping;
  14. Does not respect the other participants, the Organization itself, and the security agents, and other race support parties.
  15. Not respecting the basic principles of cleaning and preserving the environment.
  16. Adopt postures or attitudes that somehow harm the image and good name of the race and the organization.



The Participants are required to behave in a responsible manner in what concerns the cleanliness and protection of the environment in every area used during the event, including the race course, the starting point and the finishing line. Littering is expressly prohibited during and after the Race. When applicable, it is the Participants’ responsibility to keep any rubbish derived from the food and beverages distributed during the Race. Rubbish bins provided by the Organization, will be placed along the race course and at the finishing line. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the immediate exclusion of the Participant, as well as exclusion from participating in any other events organized by the same Organization.



The courses of the three distances run through the Monsanto forest park starting and ending at Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira - Alto do Parque Eduardo VII).

The Walk of approximately 8 km takes place throughout the Parque Eduardo VII Zone, starting and ending at the same place as the distances mentioned above.



An electronic time control system will be used through reading mats and chip.

The chip will only be read if it is placed securely on the shoe, without creasing it.

The organization is not responsible for failure to present results resulting from negligent handling, misplacement and/or deterioration of the chip.



The use of non-reusable packages is strictly forbidden.

Any participant who chucks any packaging or any other product onto the ground shall be immediately disqualified.

The Organization will have the following supply stations:

Marathon (42 Km):

Km 7 | Km 11,5 | Km 16 | Km 19,5 | Km 24 | Km 29 | Km 36 | Finish Line.

Half Marathon (21 km):

Km 5 | Km 10 | Km 15 | Finish Line

Mini Marathon (12 Km):

Km 6,5 | Finish Line.

Walk (aprox. 8 km):

Km 5 | Finish Line.


  1. RANKS

Results will be made available in the following age groups:

All athletes whose age, on the date of the race, is within the following ranges may register for the Lisbon Eco Marathon:





18-34 YEARS

M35 e F35

35-39 YEARS

M40 e F40

40-44 YEARS

M45 e F45

45-49 YEARS

M50 e F50

50-54 YEARS

M55 e F55

55-59 YEARS

M60 e F60

60-64 YEARS

M65 e F65



* - The minimum age of participation in the distances of 42 km and 21 km of the Lisbon Eco Marathon is, in both genders, 18 years old (Juniors), being included in the “Seniors” category.

* - The minimum age of participation at a distance of 12 km from the Lisbon Eco Marathon is, in both genders, 14 years old (Juniors), being included in the “Seniors” category.

All athletes who are minors at the date of the event, must be accompanied by the term of responsibility signed by the parent / guardian.

Whenever the Organization asks for it, the athletes shall show an identification document (national ID card or other official document), or else they may not receive their prize(s).  



The Means of Payment available to resident participators in Portugal are: 

The means of payment have a period of 48 hours, after which the subscriber must request new payment details again.

Participators with outside residence of Portugal may pay via Paypal or credit card.



15.a) Changing data between athletes requires an additional fee of €5.


Requests for changing distances within the Lisbon Eco Marathon programme (42km, 21km and 12km) will be accepted until 23h59 of March 31st. If the desired distance has a higher value than the registration previously made, the participant will be asked to pay the difference between the registration price at the date of this request and the value paid.

Until the registration deadline, the participant is allowed to change his registration between races, whenever there are places available.



Refund can be requested solely and exclusively when a participant has a proven impediment to do the race, as long as it is associated with an accident or an illness diagnosed after registering for the race.

Cancellation must be requested by email to A medical certificate must be attached to this request.

Telephone cancellations will not be accepted.

The amount refund is only 50% of the amount paid, and these exceptional requests will be accepted until April 10th for all registrations made within the regular deadlines, after which there will be no refunds.



Online registration closes on 17 April 2024 at 20h00m.

The organization may, at any time, suspend or extend the deadlines, or even add or limit the number of registrations in the race depending on technical/structural needs/availability, without prior notice.

Registrations will be accepted on the 20th of April at the secretariat. These inscriptions will have an increase of 20€ on the above mentioned prices of the last phase, subject to existing vacancies.



The participants must possess the necessary health condition for sports activities. At registration, the participants accept that they feel physically and psychologically prepared for the inherent effort required by the sports event they will be taking part in.

All participants, without exception, must possess the necessary health condition for sports activities, and therefore they exempt the race’s organization, its partners, supporters and public bodies involved from any responsibility.

The Organization provides the participants with personal accident insurance.

All participating athletes, registered according to the procedures stated in these rules, benefit from personal accident insurance valid for the duration of the event.

Personal accident insurance:

  Contractual Guarantees


Death or Permanent Incapacity

28 046.00 €

Funeral Expenses

2 244.00 €

Treatment and Repatriation Expenses

4           487.00 €


60 €

This insurance has a deductible of 60 Euros, the responsibility of the victim.

The organization’s responsibility in terms of insurance will be over the moment the event’s official timekeeping is ended.



 In the 24 hours following the end of the race, the results by age group will be released. These results are only used to place the participants within their age group, according to their finishing time, and are not used for prize giving.

For the purpose of age group results, chip time will be taken into account, that is, the time the athlete took from the moment they crossed the starting line until the moment they crossed the finish line.

Results used for prize giving will take into account the order of arrival of the first athletes, male and female, regardless of their starting time.


18.1. Deadline for claiming results

Any and all complaints must be made in writing and sent to the President of the Jury, accompanied by a deposit of €50.00 [non-refundable if the complaint is rejected] within two hours after the arrival of the participant in question. The complaint must contain the name of the complainant, number of BI/CC or passport, name of the affected participant[s], bib number number and alleged reasons.

Provisional results can also be object of complaint, up to 15 minutes after their publication.

The Race Jury, which will analyze the complaint, is composed of the President of the Jury, Race Director, and one or more representatives of the entities responsible for organization, in a total of 5 elements.

The Jury will pronounce itself before the posting of the official results.

Participants still have a deadline of one week to present rectifications to the results.



All participants in the competitive races, who conclude them, will receive an exclusive event medal and they may download their participation diploma in the race’s official website.

The first 3 male and female finishers of each race will receive prizes during an official ceremony, as well as the Bigger Group (Clubs and Companies).

The prizes will be handed during the official prize giving ceremony. The presence at the ceremony is a moment created to praise the winners and partners that made the event possible, and for that reason there will be no prize giving after the event.



The organization ensures the temporary custody of the "belongings" of the athletes of the 3 distances, in the race registration office area, which must ensure that they are properly packed and closed, in order to avoid the loss of objects and/or valuables, a situation for which the organization is not responsible.

The organization is not responsible for the loss, theft or deterioration of the participant’s goods.



There are several reasons that might force the Organization to suspend, postpone or cancel the Race, as well as to change the location, schedule or course of the Race. In none of these circumstances may the Organization be held accountable for breach of contract. Consequently, no accountability will be asked of the Organization as it shall not be obliged to financially, or in any other way, compensate any athlete, person or entity by this fact.



The Organization of Lisbon Eco Marathon fully complies with the Data Protection Law in force. The athletes are fully aware and authorize the insertion and treatment of their personal data on files belonging to the Event’s Organization. Said information will be used with the purpose of development, administrative and commercial management and other activities. The athletes must state the name they wish to see on the bib, in the participant’s list and on the final score that shall be published on the website of the Event.  In spite of the previous, the privacy policy allows the athlete to request the amendment or removal of their data by sending an e-mail request to . 

By confirming their registration, the Participant authorizes to be contacted by Prozis, Stream Plan e Clube Desportivo e Recreativo Chronos by phone, sms and e-mail with the following purpose:

  • Payment/Billing information
  • Participants’ information
  • Classification information
  • Information on the Race


Additionally, if the Participant grants the relevant authorization upon registration, it will authorize the Organization to:


  • Process the personal data received by the Organization or generated as consequence of registration in the Race, for the execution of general commercial actions  or adapted to the Participant’s profile, by any medium (Letter, telephone, e-mail, SMS, MMS, instant messaging apps, etc.), about products or services from the Organization and the companies belonging to the Podium Events, S.A. group, or related to the execution and organization of events, races and sports competitions, merchandising or similar activities, during the period of time foreseen by the Organization in its internal policies for retaining data. The Participant can, at any moment, revoke the present authorization.


The Participant may, at any given time, exercise their right of access, correction, cancellation/deletion,  opposition, limitation and portability recognized by the laws relating to Data Protection in force, by addressing the Organization through registered mail with delivery receipt, at the address Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, n.º 19, 6,.º Dto, 1070- 100 Lisboa or by the following e-mail address

Notwithstanding the Participant’s ability to exercise the aforementioned rights, the Organization will retain the personal data provided by the Participant or generated as a consequence registration and or participation in the Race for its duration, as well as during the limitation period of judicial actions that may be presented by either party.

Once that period is over, the Organization may retain the processed personal data with the purpose of identifying former participants in order to offer them discounts and promotional campaigns in future races, as well as to be able to provide them with products and services from the Organization, whenever said Participants have authorized so.

For a better understanding of the data protection policies implemented by the Organization, the Participants should consult the terms of the Privacy Policy published on the official website of the Event:



 The registration in this event and the acceptance of these rules automatically imply that the Participant authorizes the Organization to full or partially capture the Participant during the event.  These images may be used freely in the promotion and advertising of the event in every media channel (television, radio, press, internet, billboards, cards and fliers, photos and videos). The Participant therein grants the Organization all image rights aforementioned for the purpose of commercial use and advertising, forfeiting the right to receive any financial compensation from the Organization. 



The Organization exclusively holds the advertising and commercial rights of the Race, thus becoming their responsibility to negotiate and manage such rights on behalf and for the benefit of all participants, sponsors, partners and other entities.

The Organization exclusively holds the right to receive, withhold and distribute all of the revenue from the commercial use of the commercial and advertising rights.

All Participants must scrupulously abide by all commercial contracts and agreements concerning the commercial use of the Race. Participants must make every possible effort to ensure the compliance with the obligations undertaken there under by the Organization.

Except given express consent by the Organization, the Participant is expressly prohibited to display or put up any publicity, and promote companies, products, goods, equipment or services, during the Race.

The Participant is responsible for any obligations resulting from the use of registered trademarks, patents and licenses of intellectual property rights, during the Race and upon its completion.

Should the Organization be sued for breaching any of the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Participant is then bound to compensate the Organization for every expense resulting from such breach.


  1. JURI

The Organization shall constitute a Trial Jury composed of five members of the Organization that will decide on any sanctions to be applied and/or all matters related to any evidence that has not been subject, or has been misinterpreted, regarding these rules.



If a registered athlete does not participate in the event, nor is the pick up of their documentation and any gifts presented at the race office, no such material will be sent afterwards. It can only be collected at the venue on the dates of the event.



Complaints must be presented in writing on site at the Event’s premises or after the Race, to the following e-mail address


  1. OTHER

The Organization is not held accountable for any loss or malfunction that might affect the Participants’ equipment. The Participant exonerates the Organization of responsibility for the loss or any damage of any personal object, under every circumstance.

By registering and validating the registration in Lisbon Eco Marathon, the Participants acknowledge and fully accept the Rules, renouncing any legal action against the Organization, derived from their participation in the Race.

These Rules are subject to change. Any changes, amendments or eventual annexes to the present Rules shall be published on the official website of the Event, and will be tacitly accepted, should there be no opposition of any of the introduced rules in a maximum of eight days from date of release, provided that such opposition is made in writing to the Organization by the following e-mail address: .

The Organization shall form a Race Jury, comprised of five elements of the Organization that shall decide on the sanctions to be applied and on every matter concerning the Race that has not been subject to these Rules, as well as to decide on any misinterpretation of the Rules.

If a registered athlete does not participate in the Race and in case the documentation and eventual gifts are not collected at the appropriate location, no such items will be sent afterwards, as these are only to be collected on the date and venue of the Event.

The present Rules come into effect at 08.00pm on the 15th of July 2024, revoking all previous dispositions or determinations.



By registering, all Participants accept the present rules and, should any doubt or situation not foreseen here arise, they should inform the Organization and present such queries in writing.

By clicking the box, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of registration and participation in the Race and to all the conditions in the present Rules, which is the equivalent to declaring the following:

  1. I have read and agree with the regulation of the OFFICIAL LISBON ECO MARATHON SPORT EVENT, available on the website ;
  2. I am aware of my health status and confirm that I meet the physical and mental requirements to take part in the Race;
  3. I declare that I will not take part in the Race, should my health status change after registration;
  4. I am aware of the contents of the existing insurance policy;
  5. By taking part in the Race, I authorize the Organization and their partners in this Race to use my image completely free of charge and without any restrictions. I thus yield all image rights, namely photographs and video footage captured during the Race, forfeiting to receive any earnings resulting from the diffusion of such images in communicational support pieces;
  6. It is of my own free will that I take part in this Race, exempting the Organization, their partners, directors, associates and other companies associated with the Event, from any responsibility resulting from my participation, before, during and after the Event (for instance, loss of personal belongings by theft, damages or other circumstances);
  7. I am aware of the conditions of cancellation of the Race, which I fully accept.



Official website: – English version:

E-mail for matters related to registration:

E-mail for general questions: